Tuesday, June 20, 2017

ABC7 WJLA news report on this morning's Seth Rich murder investigation press release held in Virginia

Click on the link to watch the WJLA report:

Note that this morning's press release was announced yesterday.

READ: Independent group releases new report on Seth Rich's murder investigation

by ABC7
Tuesday, June 20th 2017
A new report has been released by an independent group on the investigation into the death of DNC worker Seth Rich, who was murdered last July in DC.


  1. I just reviewed the seemingly college student-run "Profiling Project" group's so-called "Report" (can be found here: https://www.scribd.com/document/351805646/The-Profiling-Project-Seth-Rich-Report).

    The conclusion is rather simple and happily non-controversial (unlike virtually everything else surrounding Seth Rich's murder): The 'Report' adds literally *nothing* of value to the discourse, is shoddily written (I stopped counting typos after #20), badly researched, and supported by only the most meager of evidentiary resources (all public domain, no FOIA request material or other confidential sources). Happily, there is not any significant push towards a particular conspiracy theory, although past experience shows that those trolling internet "alt-right" conspiracy theorists will most certainly "use" the document and try to bolster their own theories with portions of it.
    In sum, if this were a graded college project paper, the authors would (even at GWU, much less a more demanding university) receive a failing grade.
    Perhaps the "Report's" primary driving force -- one-time Republican lobbyist and seemingly disgraced (by both Mr. Trump as well as the Rich family) volunteer 'supporter', Jack Burkman -- should stop pushing his bizarre agenda of meddling with a story that no longer needs or wants his involvement (like the family) and start looking into another career. He failed at lobbying; failed at so-called "PR"; and now has likewise failed at playing detective with his support staff of 19 year-olds.

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