Thursday, June 08, 2017

art and excitement tour lands in Bloomingdale!

See this 06-08-2017 message from a neighbor:

I was walking past the City Cleaners earlier today and saw a guy painting in the shade. His name is Ricky Kruger, and he's traveling across North America with his paints and oils on his back, doing paintings on commission. You provide the canvas, tell him what you want, and he paints it in his signature wacky, fun style. 

Currently, he's working on one for a Seaton Place resident. Ricky's work is bold and colorful - kinda like Bloomingdale. He stays with the folks who commission a work (If he doesn't have another place to bunk down). He's about finished with the piece he was working so he's looking for a new gig. Or someone who's happy to open their doors to a traveling artist for a few days.

Contact him via Instagram: @rickyfrigginkruger
Art Tour Video:
Artist's Profile:

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