Thursday, June 15, 2017

Big Bear Cafe makes Good Trade's "7 sustainable eateries in DC for the traveling foodie" list

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Anna Jacobs
May 5, 2017 

Sustainable Eats In DC

Whether you’re headed to D.C. to enjoy the blooming cherry blossoms or to march for a cause you’re passionate about, there are plenty of restaurants in the district serving up dishes that are good for the planet and good for you, too. As a tourist, it can be challenging to find environmentally-conscious restaurants, so we’ve rounded up our favorite restaurants in this political town that offer vegan & vegetarian options and use local & sustainable ingredients.

Big Bear Café

We Love It | Home to one of the best patios in all of the district, Big Bear Cafe is much loved among DC locals. An herb and vegetable garden surrounds the outdoor patio, creating an escape from the urban backdrop. Featuring a seasonally-based menu and local produce, dairy, and meats, Big Bear takes to heart sustainable values.

Where to Find It | Bloomingdale

Food Profile | Vegetarian options | Local | Sustainable

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