Sunday, June 18, 2017

Friends of McMillan Park: historic walking tour around McMillan Park on Saturday, 06-24-2017 + other news

See this message from Friends of McMillan Park:

Join us for a history walking tour around McMillan Park on Saturday, June 24th at 9am (rain date: June 25th). 
Dear Friend of McMillan Park,
We are planning another history walking tour through Bloomingdale and around the perimeter of McMillan Park, led by a neighbor who has compiled a tremendous amount of detail about the park and its role in our neighborhood through the years since it was first opened to the public. This will cover a lot of the information presented in a history walk we did in October last year that was well attended and enjoyed!

The tour will showcase McMillan Park, its vistas, unique history, and connection to historic landmarks in the Bloomingdale neighborhood.  The first part of the walk will include information and bonus highlights about Bloomingdale.

The tour will last approximately 1 ½ hours and will start at the Big Bear Café (located at the corner of 1st St. and R St. NW) on Saturday, June 24th at 9am (rain date Sunday, June 25th at 9am). Light refreshments will be served and a selection of some of our favorite mounted art photos of McMillan Park offered for sale at the end of the tour.

Please register by sending an email to or calling Kirby at 202 213-2690.  We are accepting up to 20 people for this tour to make sure all who join it can hear and fully participate, so we will accept the first 20 persons who register.

We are asking for a suggested donation of $20 in advance, $25 on the day of the event to benefit the Friends of McMillan Park legal fund for our case that is now before the DC Court of Appeals and will be returning following remand hearings.  Even if you are unable to join our tour, please consider a donation to help support these legal efforts.  Payment may be done via PayPal or Crowdrise links on the web page,

          *****Other Recent News*****

            Things have been rather quiet lately as we work through the remand from the
            D.C. Court of Appeals at Zoning and the Mayor's Agent, but some updates below:

- On June 29th the Zoning Commission will decide what to do about the remand --
  issue a Zoning Order is what we expect.  This is not a hearing, it's a meeting at which
  Zoning will announce what it decides to do on the case. 

- On July 14th the Mayor's Agent for Historic Preservation will hold a hearing on the
   remand from the D.C. Court of Appeals.  The public is welcome to attend both these,
   but it appears that the Mayor's Agent may only be allowing parties to the case to speak
   in this 'limited scope hearing.' Our legal team has its work cut out for it on both these. 

- We have recently received two substantial anonymous donations, one for $20,000
   and one for $10,000, to support our legal fund.  The donors are known to us but we
   must respect their wish to keep their names private.  We never divulge the names of
   our petition signers, donors, or members without explicit permission.  Your privacy is

   important to us and we are grateful for all the efforts of all kinds that so many have
   made on behalf of our park.

- We plan to participate in the Palisades Parade on July 4th as we have in previous
   years. Please contact Kirby if you're interested in joining this -- and bring a hat as the
   sun will likely be fierce!

Thank you for your continued interest and support,

John Salatti, Kirby Vining, and Hugh Youngblood
Board of Directors, Friends of McMillan Park, Inc.

If you have any questions, please contact or call 202.213.2690.

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