Wednesday, June 07, 2017

lying your way onto NextDoor

See this  06-07-2017 message from a Bloomingdale resident.

You can figure out the topic here.
Dear Neighbors -

Most of you are probably aware that a July 2016 high-profile unsolved murder in Bloomingdale has been in the news a lot lately, and most of the reports of new information were subsequently debunked. This has generated a lot of activity on social media and YouTube. 

Recently, at least two people have wandered around the neighborhood, filming, tweeting, etc, in their attempts to attract attention regarding this unsolved murder.

To those of you who use NextDoor, another person who self -describes as a UFO hunter, has made a video, quoting a neighbor's NextDoor post (with name redacted)  and using shared news footage on the unsolved murder.

Please be aware that this person says s/he is a member of NextDoor and was able to join by using a Bloomingdale address as a credit card billing address. 
This is not to discourage you from using NextDoor, but just a reminder that anyone can access your posts and the next person may not be as respectful as this person was. (If you call lying your way into a neighbor chat group respectful.)
If anyone thinks that this should be reported to NextDoor, please do so. I'm not sure if they would be interested in going to the trouble to identify the person.  

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  1. Violates next doors terms of service and the integrity of the service. Definitely report.