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Berry Good Things for 4 July at today's Bloomingdale Farmers Market

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Berry Good Things for 4 July at BFM Sunday



Grill squash and eggplants

Hi BFM Fans

The big question is: are you fleeing or feasting (in) DC?

We will have corn and all the other summer crops: tomatoes, blueberries,  raspberries, blackberries,  eggplants, summer squash, green peppers, spring onions,  lots of carnivorous protein: especially sausages, shoulders, chicken, rolls and buns,.

Whisked has the pies all ready for you.  Pano has breads and rolls.Number 1 Sons has all the pickles, the krauts, the kimchi and a dozen other pickled vegetables.  Garner raised hundreds of pounds of green and yellow beans and not a few cucumbers.

Blueberries and raspberries and blackberries and gooseberries
Some July 4 classics to pick up Sunday

  • Lots of berries and cherries for the July 4 fruit salad or pie or ice cream
  • Spoon NUMBER 1 SONS fermented salsa verde as a side dish on grilled veggies or meat 
  • Whisked Pies especially their July 4th Cherry Crumble pie.
  • Number 1 Sons pickles, krauts and Kimchi
  • Pano rolls and buns
  • Berry Good fruit salad from Reid and Keswick Yogurt or ricotta
  • Truck Patch sausages, chops, pastured meats, chickens
  • Make your Devilled eggs with kimchi 
  • Pasta Salad made with Cucina al Volo fusili and pesto or potato salad and their pesto
  • Cucumber, tomato, and Keswick feta salads-- 2 choices of feta -- cow or goat
  • Make your own frozen lemon yogurt to cool your picnics and party.
  • MAYBE some melon at Garner
  • Keswick's melting cheeses like Wallaby and Vermeer.  I like to melt Dragonsbreath too.
  • Make a Chilled Beet Soup topped with sour cream or yogurt and chopped scallions or chives


How about a cold soup for a hot 4 July picnic or party?  This gorgeous beet soup from Bread Furst (a cold borscht)  is made with chicken stock and I loved it Wednesday lunch.  But this vegetarian version from David Tanis is also wonderful and very refreshing.  I have taken it to many picnics and it always delights.  The flavor is as good as the color.  Top with Keswick yogurt and chopped scallions or chives.  (You could make it very patriotic by floating a few blueberries on it when you serve. )
Need some Red, White and Blue at your picnic or party?   The obvious one is a fruit salad with white Keswick yogurt and red cherries or raspberries and blueberries.

But here is another choice:  Ripping Rosetido Kraut, Blueberries and buttermilk grilled or roasted chicken.  The recipe says to roast it and that is what I did tonight but it grills up beautifully.  The marinade is simple and sensational and you should let ithe chicken marinade over night if you can.  But 5 hours will work in  a pinch.

TIP: I used Keswick yogurt instead of buttermilk and pureed it a bit to liquify it. 

At the stands:

Sugar snap peas, blueberries, raspberries, sour cherries, sweet cherries, currants, gooseberries, possibly a handful of strawberries. Could there be some peaches and Lodi apples too-- perhaps.

WHISKED;   Jenna writes: 
This weekend only we will be serving our famous Sour Cherry pie at 14th & U and our other 3 farmers markets.  We use bright red, tart cherries and mix them with a bit of sugar to strike the perfect balance between not-too-tart and not-too-sweet. The pies have a crunchy crumble and our signature tender pie crust The large cherry pies serve 6 to 8 people and are a classic 4th of July dessert to bring to a holiday cookout or party. Our small cherry pies are perfect for smaller Fourth of July parties, or for mixing and matching with other summer flavors like Rhubarb and Sea Salt Chocolate Chess pie. If you want to reserve a Sour Cherry pie for pick up at any of our four markets, email

Other flavors available at our farmers markets:
Cookies and Cream
Lemon Strawberry
Salted Caramel Apple
Sea Salt Chocolate Chess
Sweet & Sour Strawberry

Lots of cookies which also make lovely dinner gifts.

NUMBER 1 SONS.  Line up for your July 4 pickles, krauts, curtidos, kimchis.  You cannot have a July 4th without a good selection of condiments and they have my faves. Pickle brine to marinade some pork?  New York style pickles, kimchi, krauts, curtidos, salsa so verde and a dozen other fermented vegetables.  Great on rice, great with grilled meats or vegetables.

KESWICK CREAMERY:  Yogurt plays a big role in July 4 food.  You can make the frozen lemon yogurt, top cold soups with yogurt, make raita and tzatziki condiments for all the grilled foods (and rice!), blend with red and blue berries for a bit of culinary patriotrica.  There are wonderful cheeses for melting, for creating Greek salads now that we have tomatoes and cucumbers.

TIP: Bring a pasta salad made with Cucina al Volo fusilli, summer veg and tomatoes.

MOUNTAIN VIEW: Certified Organic.  Tomatoes if you come early.  Cucumbers. Summer Squash. Onions, Leeks. Shallots, Beets. Kale, Chard. Fresh garlic. herbs. Potatoes, Japanese salad turnips to eat raw.

GARNER: Beefsteak Tomatoes straight from the field. More cherry tomatoes. CORN.  Carrots. Slicing and pickling cukes. Herb bunches (basil, parsley and cilantro). New potatoes (red, white and yukon). Blackberries. Green, yellow wax and flat italian beans. Swiss chard. Kales. Summer squash in all shapes and colors. Green and purple sweet a hot peppers. Purslane. Beets. Peas. Sugar Snaps.

CUCINA AL VOLO:    Matteo and Daniele create Florence in DC: fresh pastas and fresh filled pastas, authentic sauces and soups.  Of course you want a pasta salad for your celebration and the spirally green kale fusilli is the best way to go.  Potato salads need their homemade pesto.

TIP: The pastas cook in less than 4 minutes and they are gorgeous.  Smoked paprika orange fettucine,  ravioli stuffed with homemade burrata.....Pasta and a salad make a light, elegant lunch or dinner.  In about 4 minutes. Perfect for a hot day.

PANORAMA: We told Loic to bring lots More bread this week! Especially rolls and buns. French bakers from Brittany bake us baguettes, croissants, sourdoughs, whole wheat, whole grains, breakfast pastries and a huge tent of baked goodies.  On the 14th Street Side of the market.  Sales on small pastries

TRUCK PATCH: Famous for their pastured pork (get that bacon) and and greens.  Spinach, chard, mesclun, arugula. Beets

See you Sunday

Robin Teds,  Andre and all our Produce Plus volunteers!

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