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Friends of McMillan Park at the Palisades Independence Day parade

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Hey McMillanistas!
The National Association for Olmstead Parks (NAOP) was hacked this morning. 
After speaking with the office administrator, it was found that their Microsoft systems (Office 365) was accessed and an email with a PDF was sent from the Administration staffers.

The PDF seems to indicate a set of documents for download.  Out of curiosity I clicked in anticipation of a bunch of leaked documents supporting our cause.  Instead, I discovered a phishing expedition seeking my Email account information.
I called NAOP. They apologized.  I asked if they could track the hack.  No dice. 

But staff did consider my suggestion to install GNU/Linux on their machines to avoid hacking and virus problems forever!

Feel free to contact NAOP and let them know you support the Olmstead Park at McMillan Park (they are quite friendly).

National Association for Olmsted Parks
1200 18th Street, NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 223-9113

july 4th in the palisades parade

The McMillanistas showed and sowed delicious dissent, and vigorously sought freedom from bad planning! 

We handed out what had to be at least 500 flyers and got support from many of the parade watchers.  We also informed many new folks of the city's sad saga (of corporate bribes, lack of ethics, and complete public asset giveaways) and for ways folks can get involved because:
It's not a done deal and we won't be Fontained!
See attached pics, including one of Anthony Hood, Chairman of the "independent" Zoning Commission rocking out a Muriel Bowser t-shirt and marching with Team Green.

Check out Facebook Page for our upcoming events, including new tours!


Chris Otten, co-facilitator
DC for Reasonable Development

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