Sunday, July 09, 2017

neighbor: "groups of young men (teenage/late 20s), dressed in masks, black commando outfits, carrying M16 rifles, running through the neighborhood"

See this 07-09-2017 message from a 2nd Street NW neighbor:

Has anyone else observed this? I just wrote the following email to my ANC Commissioner, and the constituent relations managers of my City Councilperson. Any advice would be welcomed: I'm writing because in the last week, a deeply disturbing activity has surfaced in my neighborhood. I have witnessed, at least a half dozen times, groups of young men (teenage/late 20s), dressed in masks, black commando outfits, carrying M16 rifles, running through the neighborhood at top speed, both day and night.
The first time I saw this, I almost had a heart attack. It turns out, they're playing paintball (although no paint evidence is left behind - so I'm not quite sure what the substance is). They are running through the neighborhood, terrifying drivers, pedestrians and residents.
Lastly, these young men are all African American, which, in light of Tamir Rice, and the list of other black men who have been killed, leaves me terrified that this is all going to end very badly. I don't really known what to do, since they are not real guns. 
Nevertheless, perhaps this kind of activity is illegal, and at the very least, an exercise in unbelievably, exceptionally poor judgement.
Do you have any thoughts or advice on the matter?


  1. I saw this the other day too! It was in the evening and I started running. I believe they are from the Kelly Miller development. It is very scary because it sounds like live gun fire. I've been here almost 20 years and never witnessed this before.

  2. They were on the 100 block of Q St NW as well over the weekend (although not dressed in all black) shooting paintballs at cars and unoccupied houses. Asked them to stop or go shoot somewhere away from homes and they choose not to. So I called 911 and the police officer walked over and spoke with them and they stopped after their conversation with him. I imagine paintballs are expensive so I'm hoping they will run out of money to buy more or just get tired of it soon enough.