Monday, January 15, 2018

next Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting -- Monday, 01-22-2018

The next meeting date for the Bloomingdale Civic Association is Monday, 01-22-2018.

7:00 pm at St. George's Episcopal Church, 2nd and U Street NW.

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bloomingdale2018 said...

Can someone please let me know the ruling on leaving trash cans in the alley of Crispus Attucks Park? I am being cited for having my trashcans behind my yard when other neighbors do the same. I was told when I first bought the property that some places were exempt from the city's trash can rule if they didn't have a garage. And I do not have a garage. I have never been cited before all of these years and now it is a problem. Also, if this is going to be an issue, then please alert other neighbors in Bloomingdale that if other cans not belonging to me are behind my house I will have to call authorities since I am being cited. Can someone clarify if this is mandatory regardless if you have a garage or not (and for that matter have a yard elevated 7 feet above the yard with a retaining wall)? Are there exemptions to this ruling?