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don't miss today's Bloomingdale Farmers Maket because it is the first CORN and MELONS (and you want both for your holiday plans)

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Hi BFM Fans:

Come early to market if you are going to the beach or if you want to beat the heat, but don't miss this market because it is the first CORN and MELONS and you want both of them for your holiday plans.​
  • NEW PASTA SHAPES at CUCINA (specially for salads)
  • HOT PEPPERS at Mt View
  • Music this week by Olivia M 
  • Bike House
Don't miss the Pop Up by our old friends at Common Good City Farm

REDISCOVER PASTA SALADS for all your parties and picnics

PASTA SALADS  can be very boring but there are very simple tips to superb pasta salads that make them addictive. Check out all the different shapes and colors at Cucina Al Volo.  I asked them to bring new shapes that catch every bit of the vegetables and cheeses you add to your salads.  Here are the 12 tips to perfect pasta salads. with details and recipes.
  • Pick the right size and shapes
  • Don't skimp on salt
  • Drain but don't rinse
  • Dress right away
  • Dress brightly
  • Load up on our fresh, local vegetables
  • But cook those veggies
  • Vary the textures and flavors
  • Double up on the cheeses (unless you are Vegan).
  • Go Nutty
  • Pack a punch with capers, olives and other brinies
  • Taste and reseason just before serving
What will you find to inspire your holiday feasts?

Corn, Gala Melons and Cantaloupes, sweet and pie cherries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, apples, cherry tomatoes, early girls, heirloom tomatoes,  7 or 8 different kinds of eggplants and summer squash, green and yellow beans, red and golden and Chioggi beets with their greens, kohlrabi, radishes, carrots, fennel, fresh garlic, garlic scapes,  leeks, onions, shallots, chives new potatoes in red and white and blue, very fresh garlic, many nationalities of cucumbers, curly and dinosaur kales, chards, collards, bok choi, tatsoi, purslane, salad greens, arugula, mushrooms, sugar snaps, spinach sweet potatoes, tatsoi, turnips, all kinds of cut herbs. including basil bunches.

 Fresh pastas and fresh filled pastas, sauces. Breads and pies and cookies.  New York swoonworthy pickles, krauts, curtido, kimchi and other ferments.  Yogurts and quark and ricotta and 20 kinds of Jersey Cow, Mixed Milk and all Goat cheeses.  The Morbier was particularly good last week.

in honor of a guest from Mexico City, a knock off of 
Mexico City grilled corn slathered with mayo and dipped in grated parmesan (or cotiija or feta) and sprinkled with Ancho Chile pepper or smoked hot paprika.  Green bean salad with feta and tomatoes.  Sliced tomato salad.  Gala melons and sweet cherries for dessert.

Robin and the Teds

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