Monday, June 03, 2019

community impact statements AG Karl Racine's office could file concerning the proposed early release of Rayful Edmond

A long-time resident of the greater neighborhood sent me this message this evening -- one neighbor's perspective on this topic:
I got a note from DC AG Karl Racine today asking if I wanted to submit information for use in a community impact statement his office would file concerning the proposed early release of Rayful Edmond.  You’ve likely heard the news, and I think you were in the neighborhood when his gang terrorized this neighborhood with the most savage criminal violence ever to hit it.                                         
Here’s the link, and I’m sending this note because there may be others out there in Bloomingdale who’d be interested in this.  I met many of my life-long Bloomingdale friends in the Orange Hats, which was created precisely to see what could be done to stop Rayful Edmond’s gang’s destruction of our neighborhood.  

I personally would not bat an eye if he were left to rot in jail.  I don’t care how much good he may have done in turning state’s evidence, the damage he caused in this neighborhood is without historical equal.

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