Saturday, August 14, 2021

Bloomingdale Farmers Market: Do you give a fig? We do! -- Sunday, 08/15/2021

From: Markets & More 
Date: August 13, 2021 at 9:11:17 PM EDT
Subject: Do you give a fig? We do!

Hi Market Fans, 

Garner just sent me this lovely pic of figs in their trees -- they are bringing lots of figs to market Sunday to BFM at the 100 block of R St NW.

Did you know that figs are NOT technically fruit -- they are actually tiny flowers and seeds encased in an edible shell.  Wow. Whatever we call them, they are luscious, sweet, soft and tempting.  I love them raw,  raw wrapped in ham, baked alone or with ricotta or goat  or sheep cheese and sprinkled with honey or pomegranate molasses and orange zest,  as a jam, as a tart, as a salad with basil, topped with vanilla ice cream, cooked with duck breasts.  

I loved them dried  when I was a child and my grandfather always had some in his studio  (he was a commercial artist).

So, all this summer heat has been good for the figs.  Short season. Get yours this weekend.


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