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Bloomingdale Farmers Market: Guess the best summer soup- it's not what you think -- Sunday, 08-22-2021

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Subject: Guess the best summer soup- it's not what you think. BFM

Shenandoah garlic ready to cook with all the zukes

Dear BFM Fans:

PSA: Rain or shine, sun or clouds, humidity or not, we are here every Sunday into December this year! 

The best chilled summer soup is NOT the one you are thinking of.  


Do we all have a glut of zucchini?  Or are you just looking for a new way to serve zucchini? Here is the delicious solution. I serve this velvety chilled soup often : It was definitely the hit recipe of the summer in Quinson 2 years ago:  Zucchini, avocado, onions, garlic, basil,  parsley, lemon zest, water. Topped with a dollup of yogurt and a basil leaf. 

I riffed on this recipe but I use water not stock and here is the most important tip: Grate the zukes and salt them in the pot, cook them until they release their water. (about 10-15 minutes) Don't add the water (3 cups, not 2) until then --to concentrate the flavor.  If you add the water before the zucchini is cooked down, you will dilute their flavor.
Looking for some other good recipes for other veggies?

This is a very simple zucchini squash from Food 52. 

These Char Grilled Peppers with capers (and anchovy if you like them) inspired by The River Cafe is very similar to one I make every week or so. Grill or roast a lot of peppers and when they are blackened, put them into a bowl and cover with a plate to steam. Cool and rub off the skins, slice, layer on a platter with garlic slice, capers, basil, black pepper and whole anchovies if you like them. Drizzle on the olive oil and serve over slices of good Bread Furst bread.  

This week at the stands:

SHENANDOAH SEASONAL: ALI CREATES A BEAUTIFUL STAND EVERY WEEK, fronting a heaping table of heirloom tomatoes.  But don't miss the lettuces, the spinach. herbs galore with flowering dill, Thai basil, cilantro, green basil, purple basil, garlic. the radishes, the sweet salad turnips, the carrots, the swiss chard that melts in your pan when you saute it with onion and lots of garlic. Beets, scallions, cucumbers, squash galore, eggplants, Sweet snacking peppers jalapeños, shishitos. Always  beyond sustainable.

GARNER'S PRODUCE:Dana comes with great sweet corn, many varieties of eggplant and summer squash (including my favorite pale green ones, Kousa, that are beloved by both the Lebanese and the Central Americans), peppers in many colors and shapes, both hot and sweet. Bells and longs in rainbow colors. Shishito, jalapeno, poblano, habanero, cayenne, fresno. Lots of heirlooms and cherry tomatoes in a rainbow of colors. Seedless and seeded watermelon -- yellow too. Sugar Cube cantaloupes, cukes, blackberries, green beans. lima beans that taste like edamames , red, white and yellow spuds, sweet potatoes, loose onions, Kale, carrots, basil bunches. Okra. Scallions. Swiss Chard. Stone ground Grits and cornmeal, sauces, their own gazpacho. Honey Nut squash. Tomatillos. Figs. Many varieties of eggplants. Citrusy purslane great with tomatoes.

NUMBER 1 SONS: Half Sour Spears this week.  Have you tried all of their cucumber pickles -- most are NY Style fermented (be still, my beating pickled heart, says this New Yorker.) but a few are vinegared made with a locally produced cider vinegar. Add some krauts and some kimchi.  These are the condiments  I keep in my fridge and use at every meal.  And the fermented ones are pro-biotic.  The Salso So Verde is a secret sauce for everything grilled or tacos or rice. Everyone loves the watermelon kombucha.

WHISKED: Just this Sunday and then one more week for the insanely popular  orange and chocolate Creamsicle cookies. But don't forget year round classics like Salty Oatmeal cookies.

CUCINA AL VOLO:  Home made Tuscan pasta make for incredibly good fast food as it should be.  Boil the water, salt it, drop in the pasta and they are done 2-4 minutes later.  Grab a sauce and you can have dinner on the table in less than 10 minutes.  And this is resto quality pasta, made in the same kitchens as their well reviewed restaurants.   I always keep some pasta in the freezer for quick, excellent meals.

CHINESE STREET MARKET:  If you have any questions about how to cook their Sichuan dumplings in less than 10 minutes from freezer to table, ask Mary Jean at their stand.  We did a little video with her to show you  how at our IG page.  Handmade, flash-frozen dumplings, buns, shumai and more. Ask about their Dann Noodles kit? Dumplings: Pork and Chinese Celery, Fish & Perill & Tomato, Vegetable & Tofu, Eggplant & Eggs & Chinese Green Peppers, Famil Packs and Party Pack and Single Meal Packs.  

Robin is addicted to their Chile Flakes Oil Sauce, Sichaun Pickled Chili Pepper Sauce and Sichuan Dry Chili seasoning.


REID's ORCHARD: Peaches and Nectarines, white and yellow. Formosa, Santa Rosa, Satsuma, Black Amber, Methley Sugar and Shiro Plums. Blueberries, blackberries. red and black currants/ Earligold, Paula Red, Zestar, Pristine, Ginger Gold, Mollie's Delicious, Sansa,  Cocazelle zucchini, Diva and Pickling cucumbers. Green and red peppers. Green and yellow beans. Big Dena and Heirloom tomatoes: Paul Robeson, Black Sea, Black From Tula, Black Krim, Mortgage Lifter, Japanese Black Triffle, Carbon, Gold Medal, Kellog's Breakfast,  

SWIRLY GIRL CREAMERY:  Come check out this spread of cow and goat milk and mixed milk cheeses. Morbier, Goat Cheddar, Onamar, Tomme, Goast Manchego, Tommy Goat, Goat Gouda, Goat Feta, Cow Feta, Curds,Winter Morning, Cowttin, Chevre, Bovre, Marinated Feta, Mira Flores, Farmhouse, Scratch, Garlic Tomme, Brie, Blue Moon, Bhutlah.

Robin tip: Whip some feta and combine into yogurt and use as a dressing for grilled vegetables. 

KING MUSHROOMS: Grill these mushrooms:  Oyster, King Trumpet, shiitake, portobello, chestnut and maitake this week. Also, tinctures, my favorite Hungarian Mushroom soup ....and marinated mushrooms.   

GROFF'S CONTENT: Carnivore Grilling Central. Beef hot dogs. Chicken and Duck eggs.  Pork and beef and 11 pork sausages and lots and lots of lamb.  Pork shoulder, chops, bacon, pork jowls.Lamb ideas:  Julie's special Leg of Lamb cut for two, Leg steaks for grilling, shoulder roasts, shoulder chops are great in a crockpot.  Have you tried the Denver Ribs -- Lamb spare ribs.  The whole range of steaks and tons of ground beef. Turkey Lasagne and Turkey Pot Pie, Shepherd's Pie, Meatballs in Marinara, Bone Broths, Pork Liver Pate. Ham and White Bean soup. Julie told me everyone needs to try the thinly sliced "Fajita steak"

POLL: Those hot dogs with Salsa so Verde, Kraut or kimchi and folded into a third of a baguette-- yum....but Jeff and I disagree on whether the hot dogs are better warmed up in a pan of water in a frying  pan or grilled.  What do you think?

PANORAMA: Damien's seasonal fruit tarts. Baguettes, croissants (classic butter, chocolate, rain, almond), sourdoughs, multigrain, whole wheat, Plie, Danish, sticky buns, Breton Kouign Amann, palmier, turnover, quiches, bagels, strudle, bricohes, challah, brioche bun, ciabatta, French boule, French loaf, Foccaccia, Olive seed loaf, pumpernickel, rye, muffins, breakfast loaf, olive oil bun.. 

Enjoy the market Sunday

Robin and Ted

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