Friday, September 29, 2006

empty #2

Here is another building that i'm suprised is sitting empty. Its across the street from the other empty building.

Hellers bakery is going in on the other end of the block. There is foot traffic, and tons of car traffic here. Have i convinced you restauranteurs yet?

Englert? Buehler? anyone?

I'll give you a good deal on some faux finishing!


  1. Haha, my girlfriend and I were commenting about the building the other day, its right behind where we live.

    Have you looked inside? Its a superfund site. I would have to be razed and completely rebuilt.

  2. yep. it has a matter of right zoning for up to 4 stories. all residential uses. some comercial.

  3. There's been some progress here... two years ago, a guy used to spend all day in front of this building in a ripped-up La-Z-Boy. When it was cold outside, he'd put on a heavy coat and STILL spend all day in his recliner in front of this building.

    He's gone now, and it really is an improvement!

  4. the "junque store" was still open then right? i can't remember when it closed. But yeah, i remember seeing that guy.

  5. is Heller's bakery REALLY going in at the end of the block? We've heard a lot of things like this over the years, but most just kinda fizzle...

  6. according to an email i received from Hellers, they would be open by the end of the year.

    they would NOT be baking on premise.

    I saw contractors going in and out of the building the other day, but can't say as to whats actually happening.

  7. Directly across the street, the Design Committee of North Capital Main Street will install tree box fencing designed by our local landscape architect, Rene Albasete. They are also putting three large colorful planters on the corner, colors are peach, green melon and sky blue. It will dress up the corner. They also window dressed the large windows in the corner building that is for lease.