Saturday, September 30, 2006

Envisioning the hood, thinking a-blog.

What would you like to see come to bloomingdale?
Where would you like to see it?
What are they types of business that you think are an asset to neighborhoods in DC?

-I would like to see a farmers market, perhaps in Crispus Attucks Park.

-I would like to see a nice bar that occasionally has live music. Maybe along north capitol.

-I would like to see a small grocer in the lot at north cap and florida.

-I would like to see more representation of local art in the neighborhood, perhaps as public art, perhaps as a gallery or other art space.

-I'd like to see some of our liquor stores evolve into shops that can accomodate the wants of all residents. For me, that would be a better selection of micro-brews and no bullet proof glass.

-I'd like to see frager's hardware open up a store in our area.

-A bookstore would be nice.


  1. I'd like to see a Starbucks and Barnes & Noble or Borders bookstore open at the Brentwood Shopping Center. It looks like there is room.

    I'd also like the former A&L Market and the Ur Market, on 1st street nw between U and V,have a store front like the Ledroit Park market on 4th and T nw and ideally do away with the alcohol or like you say a better selection.

    I'd also like it if the chinese takeout place on the corner of 1st and rhode island could remove the mesh from the front windows and become a chinese restaurant or even decent takeout a la full kee or chinatown express in chinatown.

  2. I do believe that there would be room for a coffee shop and bookstore, though personally i prefer local shops. "Swings" and "Politics and Prose" come to mind....but thats just me...

    Seems to me, that current store owners in the hood need to adapt or else they will be swept away. I'd much rather have them grow as a business and adjust to the 21st century than close down completely.

  3. Yes, a bookstore would be fabulous, but as a former manager at one of the big B's, I can't envision one of the chains moving in any time soon. The overhead would likely outweigh the store's income in out area. And while I'd like to believe we could sustain an independent bookstore (a nearly life-long dream of mine), it is harder and harder each year for them to remain afloat (I'm now on the publishing side and follow the sales trends closely).

    A Starbucks - yup, I've also managed the cafe within the chain bookstore - could easily thrive, but to avoid chain development like the recent additions to RIP - really, what an unfortunate acronym for Rhode Island Place - we need to push for and support local shops.

    And finally - plans are in the works for massive changes at the RI Metro, including putting in a garage and turning the parking lot into a mixed-use residential and retail center. I've seen the plans at an ANC-5A meeting, but I can't seem to get my hands on them. The project is to be handled by Mid-City Urban; the streetscape to the right on the top of their site looks very similar to some of the mock-ups I've seen.

  4. i don't really buy the economic unsustainabillity of a bookstore, even a large one, in an area that has 4 universities within 2 miles.

    just saying.

  5. haha You really made me laugh out loud with RIP. I'm going to think of that each time I go there.

  6. I'd like to see a lush landscaped Bloomingdale. Tree boxes on North Capitol and 1st,trees planted at least 15 feet apart, large hanging baskets at every lampost along NCap.,eccourage businesses to put out folwer planters with plants or shrubs, would be nice.

    I would like to see banners along NCap with Gateway to the capitol.

    As business takes over NCap, I would like to see musicians playing their instruments for donations. I'm sure there are some very talented musicians in the neighborhood. Maybe a time and location could be in place.

    There are many churches in Bloomingdale. I don't know what it takes to have church bells installed to ring on the hour. A grant may be in order for such a project in a recovering neighborhood with many problems.

    Hire some of the area citizens that hang out to pick up litter in the neighborhood.

    I would like to see decorative litter containers at every corner of every street.

  7. thanks for that contribution. that was really nice.

  8. Going back to supporting a chain book store with 4 universities within 2 miles, Norfolk, Va. for the longest time agonized on getting a chain bookstore. However, they will be getting one but will be selling university textbooks and other items. It is promised to conceal the university feel so it won't disturb the overall look of a bookstore. It is hoped that selling textbooks will generate numbers. While they are buying a textbook, they very well may buy a bestseller