Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Curves Gym............. wait.... seriously?

Apparently Curves Gym will be opening a location on North Capitol. It's even on their website.

The address ( according to the website) will be:
Washington, DC - Le Droit
1334-1336 N. Capitol St. NW
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 332-2241

ummm.... do you think they really know where they are opening? I'm thinkin they dont know the area at all if they think this is Le Droit........ jus sayin......

they dont even have the right zip code.


  1. Yes, seriously. A good long time back I got an inquiry from someone interested in opening a Curves on North Cap. I discouraged it, mainly because at a certain time when the sun goes down I wouldn't feel right about directing non-resident women to the area. I suggested H Street because of the Atlas theater and the other development going in there where it would be a good fit but it seems the corp office limits were N Cap. So I guess she decided to go through with it..... best of luck.

  2. veerrrrry interesting.

    i really like your blog, makes me feel more up-to-date about things happening around here! (i am also a bloomingdale resident :)

  3. The whole thing is interesting. Hmmm...

  4. curves are a franchise. the business owner probably figured it would be a good spot, not a distant corporate headquarters. are you suggesting that our neighborhood isn't worthy of a fitness franchise?

  5. unworthy? not in the least. I think it's a terrific location for a business.

    i on ly said it seemed odd to me. other commentors seem to agree

  6. Ah yes, the owner of the curves approached my friends and I at Windows a few weeks ago. I think she lives in the neighborhood.

  7. its nice to know that she lives in the neighborhood, and is out and about.

    is it open yet?

  8. You mean Curves?

    oh that place.
    I'd say that the neighborhood deserves better.