Tuesday, October 03, 2006

yes! organic market 3829 12th Street, NE

I have now a confirmed address.
3829 12th Street, NE

Opening in brookland any week now.

I like yes organic a lot. Its a great urban gorcery with ( generally ) a small footprint that can fit in many places.

While not really a destination shop like Whole Foods or giant, etc... Its a great place and i'll probably go there.

Apparently there were some neighbors who didn't want the store to open, despite the fact that there was a safeway in the same spot years ago.
As i understand it, some residents felt like there would be an increase in noise and traffic. I think thats code for "we dont want no dirty hippies".

heres where i think its going to be.

Can anyone confirm that?


Anonymous said...

Where exactly is the store opening? And why would the residents have opposed this?

Anonymous said...

It would be a great addition to North Capitol Street. Florida Ave/NY or how about next to EC-12?

Anonymous said...

I believe the address is 3906 12th St. NE, just at the corner of 12th and Quincy. The dirty hippie argument never came up, just a number of issues regarding zoning compliance and other permit regulations from the neighbor who lives directly next door on Quincy. There have also been some grumblings (though few, and not from the same neighbor) about the liquor license, which is actually only a Class B, for beer and wine 7 days/wk. Overall, I think the community is quite excited for this new addition.

Sean Hennessey said...

thanks jaime!

Anonymous said...

Most Brookland residents are excited about the Yes! Organic Market, as far as I've seen. As Jaime explained, there were a few issues during construction with an abutting neighbor. There has been a groundswell of support for the opening of the Yes! Organic Market on the Brookland listserve, and only a few complaints (worries about drinking in public due to the proposed beer and wine license -- unfounded I think, as we're talking about microbrews and organic wines).

The Yes! Organic Market is set to open on November 15th, according to the sign out front. Come on over and check it out!

Anonymous said...

The liquor license complaints are hilarious, esp since it is next to and across the street from two different liquor stores

Anonymous said...

It's true...'Yes' will open on Wednesday, November 15th. I called around to the other 3 'Yes' stores to confirm.