Tuesday, October 10, 2006

train/ bus disconnect, or METRO why you buggin?

so the x3 and the 90 buses no longer stop at the new york avenue metro. they took out the stop.

(i found it rather annoying that people wanted to move the chinatown bus stop across the street from the metro too. it got moved back)

why make the connections more difficult? i don't understand this reasoning.

perhaps you removed the stop so you can pave to road in front of the station and the busses will turn down that and drop us off even closer, right?

Probably its that you make decisions without even riding yourself to work......

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rania said...

I wrote Metro about this and here is the response I got:

The bus stop on Florida Ave adjacent to the New York Ave Station has been temporarily discontinued due to an ongoing construction project at the site.  The stop will be reinstalled when the District of Columbia authorizes it.


I don't really understand why the stop was moved because the space it was in is still there and not blocked at all by any of the construction fences. The stop was functional during the whole ATF construction so why move it now?