Thursday, January 11, 2007

in an out in 30 minutes

I left bloomingdale at exactly 12:38
I am back in bloomingdale eating lunch at 1:23.

That was the fastest trip to the DC inspection station i have ever ever had.
i got there and was third in line.

and i passed.


  1. i had a similar experience, but late afternoon on a saturday. they said that certain hours are non-peak. it helps that bloomingdale is so close to the expressway. the area around the inspection station has changed a lot since 2 years ago. a lot of interesting new developments and construction going on.

  2. wow.

    the are around the inspection center IS indeed crazy. just south and over a block is the baseball stadium ( and former home of the washington glass school)

    More destruction/construction is slated.

    look here: