Friday, January 12, 2007

washington post geek a thon.

Lets face it, the Washington Post fails us. It fails us in providing two types of news that i crave, and at least one that you crave. Local news and local arts coverage. You are probably reading this because neighborhood blogs have news the News media doesn't.

The post, despite a real journalists natural aversion to blogs, recognizes this.
This past week they sponsored a meeting of some local bloggers to discuss working together.

So i went to their geek-a-thon and meet a few other bloggers, some i had already known

Rebuilding Place
Stop blog and roll
Prince of Petworth
Harmany Music
a bunch o the dcist people
the hilarious metrobloggers
the even more hilarious Listen to Leon

a dc united blogger that actually scooped the story of the teams sale.

rethinking college park guy

almost met Beyond the Mall guy and the Anacostia Diaries guy

creative dc gal
these are all good blogs and you ought click on em!

Anyway, the post is seeking to be the portal by which millions upon gazillions of readers find blogs of local interests. While i dont think this fills the niche for real street hitting local stories, it may help.

look for it sometime this decade.

I would like to add that pretty much all neighborhood bloggers write their blogs as a community service, not because we make money from it. I'll point you to my other and older blog from time to time, and i've got stuff to sell there. but not here.

here is just about sharing info. so long as the internet is free, is free then this content will be free.

I will gladly plug local business here, but for the sake of economic and pedestrian and cultural revitalization, not for just making a buck.

so, read neighborhood blogs and share info when you've got it. Also, if you would like to help me with this blog, let me know, i might be open to that.especially if'n you want to talk about anc meetings, since i dont ever go to them.....

and please, post some pictures! or email them to me and i'll post them.


Anonymous said...

Next time, we're gonna have to actually meet!

Sean Hennessey said...

yep. sorry we didnt. said...

Thanks for the mention. Like Robbie said above, next time, we'll have to meet. I enjoyed the summit, but I got there a little late so I didn't get to meet too many other bloggers. I just wrote down a bunch of sites and visited them the next day.