Friday, May 18, 2007

borf in bloomingdale? updated!!

"the Consolation of Ruin: a spectacular display of banal art objects orchestrated by the delinquents of the Borf Brigade"

May 18th - 20th and 25th - 27th, Friday thru Sunday 5 - 10 pm
opening reception tonight from 6 - 9 featuring DJ SMK

1644 NCap, next to SaveMore!


I went to the borf brigade event and the place was buzzing. I added the few pictures i took to the bloomingdale photo group

it was funny, a guy i met at the big bear/ north capitol main streets open house had mentioned that he talked to a few of the guys fixing up the building. He told a group of us that they were turning it into a gallery. we all actually laughed out loud.

guess he was right, in a way.

Here is the post blurb about the event

one of the commenters... presumbaly one of the organizers... mentions that this place used to be a music hall. Anyone know what this place once was? my short life in the neighborhood can only remember the thrift store.......

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