Monday, May 28, 2007

photos of dc neighborhoods

these are some f groups for different hoods around the city.

Columbia Heights
Mount Pleasant
Eastern Market
Mount Vernon Triangle
Cleveland Park
Rock Creek Park
The Zoo


any others i should add?


Angela Swanlund said...

Hi, I was just clicking the "next blog" feature on Blogger, and found your blog. I wish they would get us a "search blogs" feature so finding similar blogs to ours on here would be easier. LOL But anyway, glad I found you! Mine is a computer relater blog for Senior Citizens, and I'm always looking for other blogs with content that would be fun, educational, or informative for that community and age group to go visit. And, how do I say this nicely? LOL - blogs that won't give them a heart attack? LOL There's a lot of profanity and things on some blogs. Quite a few of my readers are in the dc area, actually - all over Washington dc. Do you mind if I link to you?

My blog is:

Angela Swanlund

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Historic Anacostia!!

Sean Hennessey said...

do you have links to those flickr groups?
i'll gladly post them if they exist.