Thursday, November 08, 2007

on the bloomingdale farmers market

A resident of Bloomingdale has expressed frustration with the cost of produce and impacted parking conditions caused by the Bloomingdale Farmers Market. It was all abuzz on the bloomingdale and eckington email chains.

In Shaw has posted about it, with numerous comments

Does it seem that whenever there is a community concern in denser neighborhoods in DC someone pulls out the "move to the suburbs" line? Every so often its, " move back to iowa" or something like that.

I dont get it. Does our community actually expect people to up and move because they dont like something?

Now, i LOVE the Bloomingdale Farmers Market. In my short 4+ years in the neighborhood, nothing has created such community and been so pleasant. I hope it lasts and grows. I try to promote it on this blog and with my cash.

Still, i dont think a healthy tactic is to attack or say, "Deal with it" to people that have issues. some have suggested that they even sell their car.

I think the best way is to illustrate how beneficial the market is, not how mean the detractors are.

If the person seriously has issue, attacks wont change their minds.
Personal attacks on an individual detractor can however turn that detractor into many.

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  1. Well when most people are agaist something good for the community/city most of the time they want their voice to be heard. Whats a better way to be heard then to go agaist the crowed.