Monday, November 05, 2007

"use it or lose it " laws.

Demolition by Neglect: Use It or Lose It

Empty properties are ghastly eyesores, and attractive only to those intent on crime. All too often an empty property can become a haven for squatters, prostitutes or drug dens. This is a criminal waste - particularly when there is a national shortage of accommodation for people in housing need


  1. amen! of course, here in DC, we're doing a pretty good job of letting the market whittle down the amount of unused buildings, but this still makes sense. it's like asking someone who has a plate full of food and is pushing away from the table, "you gonna finish that?"

    might as well give it away instead of throwing it away.

  2. its hard for me to always find the line that community rights and personal rights meet.

    while i'd love there to be no vacant properties, and certainly no derelict or "demolition by neglect" parcels, i have a hard time with the city taking it away.