Tuesday, December 30, 2008

bloomingdale, north capitol, first street, and nearby recently

-well, despite the negative words about NWL, i scored some great stuff quite cheaply today. the place is still open if you're in need of junk for your house, or the VHS of OZ or Babar. or Spawn III

-Theres a new Dry Cleaners on North Capitol.
Apple Cleaner & Alteration
1410 North Capitol
M-F: 7:30 - 6:30
Sat 8:30-5

-The old Savemore has had extensive work done on the inside.
anyone know whats going on?

-I havent seen any progress on Martini 2020.

- whats going on with the place on north cap at r nw? wasnt it supposed to be a stereo place?

- Seems the video store on North Cap has clothing too. i havent been in but theres clothes in the window.

-five guys is open way over in NoMa

-the building that will have the harris teeter over at first and m is moving along quickly.

- the lot at florida and north cap is all fenced off still.

- the old pizza place ( the formstone building) on north cap and florida is all fixed up

- the yoga studio is up and running, but whats going in next door?

- Baraki? any news or progress? i heard the alcohol licence was approved but missed all the details. the last few months have been pretty hectic for me.

- that said, thanks for coming out to the bloomingdale holiday market! i was trying to plan a concurrent show at 87 florida, but i just didnt have the time. maybe next year.

- theres a for sale sign on the ice place on florida. its a huge lot and space and its street frontage sucks right now, but damn, i hate seeing that kind of stuff. we've still got plenty of empty buildings. and i've gotten kegs and ice there before and i prolly will again.

-i see that rhode island avenue is slated to be getting bus improvements. Something they're calling Metro Extra. personally, i'd love to see the 98 bus go all the way down florida avenue to the Atlas. Speaking of Metro, they now have an online Next Train service . what happened to Next Bus? i used that frequently.

-I'm pretty certain that the mcmillan development will make traffic along first street pretty crazy. too bad they couldnt include a Millennium Wheel, or balloon rides, or some other cool attraction that isnt a ritas water ice or maggie moo's. not that i wouldn't frequent either.

- i recently noticed on my house title that my property sits on Ray E. Middaugh's subdivision. thought that was kinda interesting. seems that dude also developed a lot of parcels in Woodley Park.

anything else going on or that you're thinking about in the area?


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to hold out hope that this hood could become a safe and pleasant place to live next year, or the year after that. But I'm starting to despair... Maybe it's just the weather.

Anonymous said...

Question: Can you tell me when NextBus will be back online for the Metrobus system?

John Catoe: We plan to relaunch NextBus sometime next summer (2009). When we do, it will include making the bus arrival times available on the internet, LED signs/speakers and interactive voice response. So for example, at one point we will have internet capabilities for a limited number of bus routes, then we will expand to additional routes and the remaining communication mechanisms over time.

Anonymous said...

Someone told me the old Savemore is going to be a .99 store...sigh...if that is true, what a shame.

At one point, I tried to contact the Kim family that runs DC Best Supermarket on U St to see if they wanted to start a little market in the Savemore spot. And, I dropped a suggestion in the suggestion box at My Organic Market (MOMs) to let them know the Savemore spot would be an ideal place for a MOMs. Granted my efforts at finding someone to revitalize Savemore weren't much, but I did give it a little effort.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching this space with the hopes that I would get some good intell - particularly interested in the space next to Yoga District and Baraki. I'll keep an ear to the ground.