Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Inauguration Day

What are your plans for inauguration day?

renting out your pad?
walking down to the mall?

seems that zoned parking will be suspended. metro will be packed. the roads will undoubtedly be gridlocked.

you gonna enjoy it or head for the hills?


  1. I've got tickets to the swearing in ceremony (!), so I'll be walking to the Capitol and contributing to the Chaos.

  2. Just walking around and taking it all in.

  3. ill be wandering around either on foot or bike and taking it all in. its going to be an historic clusterfuck. i intend to have photographic evidence.

  4. I'm staying a home. I have about 30 friends and family staying with me that week.

  5. I'm thinking the car gets parked and stays parked from at least Friday on.

  6. friends from all over are staying at my place. we'll make the hike down to the mall for it unless everyone brings their bikes with them..