Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inauguration 2009!

I'm wondering if (this is for you, IMGoph) Bloomingdales would be interested in convening and walking en masse to the Mall on Tuesday? I was thinking we could meet in front of Big Bear and make a festive trek together.

The big question seems to be, "what time to get there?" The reports are that, even for those with tickets, the Mall will be closed off when capacity is reached. This could happen early, so I'm planning to head down in the morning.



  1. Oh, if I can make it to the corner of 1st & R by 7:30, I'll be pretty proud of myself. The tricky part will be getting my 11 year old up and moving. I like the idea though.

  2. Looks like some of us from S St will be leaving at 7am on Tuesday if anybody wants to walk with a group.

  3. sorry, i'm going to hold down the fort and make sure the neighborhood doesn't get up and leave while you're gone.

  4. Good to know, IMGoph. (The part that was for you was the reference to the BloomingdaleS...although we most certainly would have welcomed your company.)

    The person leading the S St Expedition declared that we must now leave at 6am.