Saturday, January 03, 2009

PSA: North Capitol Street Urban Design & Transportation Study

North Capitol Street Urban Design & Transportation Study

Public Meeting #1

The Office of Planning and the District Department of Transportation, in coordination with the National Capitol Planning Commission (NCPC), will conduct an urban design and transportation study of North Capitol Street from Michigan Avenue to Hawaii Avenue, NE, and Irving Street/Michigan Avenue from First Street NW to their point of union, approximately one block east of North Capitol Street.

The purpose of the study is to:

1. Develop strategies to improve the gateway qualities of North Capitol Street by including civic spaces, memorials, and enhancing the public streetscapes.

2. Explore alternative intersection configurations for the cloverleaf at Irving and North Capitol Streets and automobile ramps at Michigan and Irving.

3. Develop recommendations for improving safety, connectivity and transportation operations.

The neighborhoods that are included in or are adjacent to this area are: McMillan Sand Filtration site, Washington Hospital Center, Armed Forces Retirement Home, Brookland, Petworth, Eckington, Parkview and Bloomingdale.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Location to Be Determined

For information on the North Capitol Street Urban Design & Transportation Study contact Howard Ways, DC Office of Planning, by phone at (202) 741-5219, or by email at


Howard Ways, AICP

Special Assistant

DC Office of Planning

801 N. Capitol Street, NE

Suite 400

Washington, DC 20002

ph 202-741-5219

fax 202-442-7638

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