Wednesday, January 21, 2009

there were two fires this morning in bloomingdale. sadly, there was one fatality.

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  1. Per the listserv, I read there was a second death on North Capitol.

    I just got this e-mail from Stu Davenport:


    This morning there were 2 large fires in our neighborhood where the families lost almost everything.

    I just spoke with Kim Stancil from 11 Randolph NW, and she and her 5 children (three of whom are students at Emery Elementary) were left with nothing but the clothing on their backs.

    Most immediately Ms. Stancil and her family need clothes and funds to provide for essential needs. They have housing for the next 3 days through the Red Cross, and she is working with Ted McGinn and Stacy Jackson from Emery to get local and government help. She is also reaching out to local churches and the Ecumenacle Council.

    I am writing to ask for immediate help from the community.

    1. Priority is Clothing
    Boy 17 - Size 32W/30L pants, Med Shirt
    Girl 15 - Size 16 Pants, 2XL Shirt
    Girl 11 - Size 8 Pants, L Shirt
    Boy 5 - Size 7 pants, Men's Med Shirt
    Boy 4 - Size 6 pants, 6 shirt

    2. Financial Assistance
    Checks can be made payable to: Ms. Kim Stancil

    All items can be left at the main office of Emery Elementary at 1720 1st Street, NE (202)576-6034
    or the Big Bear Cafe at 1700 1st Street, NW

    Thank you all for your generosity and concern.


    Stuart Davenport
    ANC 5C-03