Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mortgage Broker Recommendations

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a mortgage broker for getting a refinance on a home?

I know times are tough in the real estate market, and it is hard to find a good broker who can fight to get through the red tape.

You can reach me by responding to this post or by emailing me at studavenport @ gmail (dot) com.

This is for a friend, and if anyone is looking for a recommendation in the future let me know. Hopefully we will find someone.


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sven said...

I would strongly, strongly suggest using HARP, if his loan is owned by Fannie or Freddie (there's a lookup tool for Fannie Mae on the website here: ). See the following link from Fannie Mae's website for more information on this.

If he does go with it, use a larger servicer (Chase, Regions, Wells, Citibank) - they're the ones that are most likely to know all the rules that are HARP specific. Stay away from BofA.