Thursday, December 23, 2010

two referrals: Michael Maggio, roofer; John E. Barry Plumbing

From a resident on the unit block of S Street NW:

I recently found I had to plug a leak in my roof. I was lucky enough to be referred to Michael Maggio. He looked over it and gave me a tour explaining what he felt had to be done. He typed all of that up in detail and gave me an estimate. Even given the freezing weather we`ve been having, he had it fixed before the next rain! He gave me another tour of the roof - the work was solid, not ad-hoc like some of the roofing jobs I`ve seen. I`d happily use him again, both to repair problems and for add-ons/ enhancements. Another note: on the second trip, he saw that my wooden garage was in disrepair and fixed it up at no additional cost. Nice guy.

Michael Maggio
240 439 2948

I have also had to have some plumbing work done. I`ve used a couple of plumbers now for this persistent problem. I`m happy that a neighbor referred me to John E Barry Plumbing. The plumbers they sent out worked through their problem-solving with me. Within an hour, we had isolated the problem and were on our way to fixing it. The last two plumbers I used seemed to apply the try-everything, see-what-works method. Barry Plumbing`s guys were methodical, a characteristic that leaves me content and, I suspect, with fewer persistent problems. And they cleaned up before they left, so I was able to just enjoy my problem-free plumbing.

John E Barry Plumbing
202- 842- 2424

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