Thursday, March 08, 2012

hey! new Bloomingdale History blog!

See this message from Bloomingdale resident Patrick Hudak:

Betsy McDaniel and I discovered recently that we share a love of researching Bloomingdale history. We decided to join forces and maintain a blog as a central repository of the information we find. We`d also like to share our discoveries with the neighborhood so folks can enjoy them, too, and hopefully contribute. Would you please share the link with your readers?

Please note that if someone wants to post something, he or she should send his or her item to bloomingdalehistory @ Also, anyone can comment on a post, including as anonymous. No one needs to sign up for anything to leave a comment. (Comments will be moderated, though, just in case someone gets ``saucy`` -- as they said in 1907.)

Finally, we`re hoping to explore all aspects, groups and time periods of Bloomingdale`s history. For now, I`m gathering my information from a database of newspapers from about 1880-1939 maintained by the Library of Congress, which explains why I`m covering such a narrow time frame. Betsy may be casting a wider net than I am, and your readers may help to expand our knowledge even further.

Thank you!


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