Wednesday, March 07, 2012

zip code 20002 (and 20019, 20022) have the highest rate of End State Renal Disease * IN THE NATION *

It was mentioned at this week`s Bates Area Civic Association that our area of DC has the highest percentage of people * in the nation * that have End State Renal Disease (ESRD).

I googled it and found this info:

Chronic Kidney Disease

The Chronic Kidney Disease Atlas (CKD Atlas) is a unique online tool. The maps show zip-code-level incidence of CKD and end-stage renal disease (ESRD). This Web-based resource provides the user with on-demand capacity for comparing and contrasting CKD and ESRD incidence nationwide, by state, and by national or state legislative district. For the first time, an online resource has the ability to provide support for educational, advocacy, and public-affairs initiatives by showing the geographical areas where CKD and ESRD health disparities lie. The CKD Atlas is a component of the Congressional Alliance Renal Effort (CARE).

Congressional Alliance Renal Effort

CARE is a national pilot program, to be implemented in multiple cities, and is designed to engage the support of the Congressional Leadership Alliance to Eliminate Health Disparities,* local policy makers, stakeholders, and patientsin order to reduce the disproportionate incidence of CKD. CARE is a multidisciplinary coalition that will catalyze coordinated activities to accelerate early detection, screening, and treatment of CKD in targeted areas. The National Minority Quality Forum is coordinating the CARE initiative, supported in part by Amgen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Why target Washington, DC, first?

As part of the CARE program, key congressional districts that have significant rates of CKD and ESRD will be targeted. Because Washington, DC, has the highest ESRD rates in the country and stands at the forefront of a national surge in CKD, the CARE program will target the District first. This initiative is called DC CARE.

The District is ground zero for kidney disease for the nation!

Incidence of Chronic Kidney Disease and End-Stage Renal Disease in Washington, DC

[map not provided here -- but click on the article link above to see it.]

The map of DC ESRD produced by the CKD Atlas illustrates the problem. The red shaded area represents three zip codes (20002, 20022, and 20019) that have the highest rates of ESRD in the nation. Inside the 20019 zip code, the age-adjusted rate for new cases of ESRD is 44 times the national average, and the rates in the 20011 and 20002 zip codes are only slightly less. There is also a concomitant disparity in hospitalization rates and economic costs. Hatch marks indicate that the population is primarily minority based (African American).

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