Thursday, September 03, 2015

proof of street sweeping/ ticketing suspension‏

See this 09-03-2015 message from a North Capitol Street NW resident:

I received a parking ticket on the unit block of U Street NW in March, right as it was decided to suspend street sweeping.  I appealed (based on the suspension of street sweeping due to tunnel construction) and just this week received notice that my appeal was denied, because I had no proof of street sweeping suspension.
Clearly, street sweeping and ticketing HAVE been suspended for the season on U and V Streets; does anyone know what sort of proof there might be that I could submit?


  1. hmmm are you sure it was suspended in march? it usually resumes in march, and DPW made the formal announcement in july

  2. whoops sorry that was from last year! but this might work for proof that it was carried over into 2015