Monday, November 02, 2015

Empower DC: "Tell the Council to reconsider McMillan"

See this message from Empower DC.

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Tell the Council to Reconsider McMillan
We can't get public land back once it's given to a developer, and it's tough to recreate green space once it's paved over.  So why rush the development of the 25-acre McMillan Park now, especially since the DC Auditor recently revealed that the deal did not have the level of transparency and competitive bidding required by DC law? 

There are thousands of DC residents who oppose the current development plan for McMillan.  The Mayor wants the Council to extend the time period for the disposition of the land - but we agree with Save McMillan Park that they should vote "No" on the extension and reconsider this deal.  Please send a quick letter to the Council letting them know you agree too. 

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