Wednesday, November 04, 2015

SOMEBODY please purchase the vacant Joe Mamo lot on the northwest corner of North Capitol Street NW and Florida Avenue NW!

JBG -- are you listening?

This image is from Google Maps


  1. Amen. That, plus the city making the long overdue decision on the #FlaQNW developer would go a long way towards making this section of the neighborhood a lot better. Doesn't seem right that one person can hold the whole area hostage by an unwillingness/inability to do something more productive than leave a lot vacant.

  2. This vacant lot and surrounding area can be seen in an NBC4 report on synthetic drugs.

    Watching Synthetic Drug Overdoses Account for Most D.C. EMS Calls!/news/local/Synthetic-Drug-Overdoses-Account-for-Most-D.C.-EMS-Calls/340571811