Tuesday, November 03, 2015

watch this oral history interview with long-time 2nd St NW resident Ella Walker regarding McMillan

See this:

12:09 PM - 3 Nov 2015 


  1. Really awesome! Can't wait to see more videos!

  2. Pope Francis
    "we have created new idols. The worship of the ancient Golden Calf
    has returned in a new ruthless guise in the idolatry of money and
    the dictatorship of an impersonal economy lacking a truly human purpose"

    (please see the nomination to the National Register of Historic Places
    by DC Office of Historic Preservation Architectural Historian Kim Williams)

    Our city officials have kept this Historic Site, closed with a hideous fence and barbed wire since 1987, wasting over $40 million. Arrogance, racist and economic class discrimination have violated the community right to enjoy this healthy outdoor green space, while this same government showers recreation, green space and outdoor activities on the predominantly white upper income areas of NW.
    Successive DC administrations and subservient city agencies, collude with development conglomerate VMP, to steal the 25 prime acres of publicly owned park land!

    The unacceptable lawn in front of massive commercial, office and condo development, Create “McPark”, grudgingly included in the VMP plan, is an insult. While parks in the privileged sections of DC are geologic, wooded hillsides, hiking, biking and horse trails, stream valleys, and civil war historic sites. All DC officials responsible for this “theft of enjoyment” and the biggest land theft since Manhattan, are guilty of abuse of power and malfeasance in office.
    Our mayors and their deputies, and our corrupt city council, that perpetrated this social injustice, need to be prosecuted. Who believes this 25 acre green space would have been fenced off for 28 years had it been located in Cleveland Park, Georgetown or Chevy Chase where Mendelson lives?

  3. Did I miss something here? I've lived in the neighborhood since 1980, and am positive the fence around McMillian was here long before the city took possession of the property. Your long-winded rants are hard to follow sometimes. I wish you'd just stick to the facts with a little less drama.

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