Thursday, December 03, 2015

next McMillan Advisory Group (MAG) meeting at the Summit at St. Martin's Apts -- Thursday, 12-10-2015

From: MAG Chairman [mailto:
Sent: Thursday, December 3, 2015 4:16 PM
Subject: Scott, proposed agenda for the December MAG meeting -Kirby

Below is the proposed agenda for our December MAG meeting. Thank you! -Kirby

McMillan Advisory Group (MAG) December 10 monthly meeting.

Our meeting location this month is the Summit at St. Martins, 116 T St. NE,
2nd floor community room, 7pm.  All MAG meetings are open to the public. 

- Approve October, November minutes

Elect our Vice Chairperson.  According to our bylaws the election of
  the Chair/Secretary and Vice Chair are staggered for the sake of continuity.

- Consider a donation to All Nations Church that hosted MAG meetings for so
  many years but which will no longer be able to do so. 

- Cross-town Multi-modal Traffic Study.  

- The Jair Lynch Phase II buildings will be presented to the Zoning Commission
  on December 17th.  This is our last opportunity to contribute to the content
  of that hearing, if we wish, and I suggest we discuss whether or not we would
  like to take a position for that hearing.  Our September meeting notes contain
  some good questions about the proposed Phase II buildings.  

- Any other new business or housekeeping matters. 

The MAG meets  on the 2nd Thursday of each month
at 7PM.  Our current meeting place is the Inspired Teaching School,
20 Douglas St. NE (the old Shaed Elementary), or at the Summit at St. Martin’s, 
116 T St. NE, depending on room availability.  All meetings are open 
to the public. Kirby’s cellphone: 202 213 2690.  

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