Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Big Daddy Running Club wants you !

See this 12-01-2015 message:

The Big Daddy Running Club Wants You
Attention current and potential Walkers, Joggers, and Runners: Thanks to the efforts of Big Daddy himself, Darrell Fogan of the unit block of Randolph Place, The Big Daddy Running Club is now in its 13th year in Bloomingdale and going strong.  We are a diverse-in-every-way group of friends and neighbors who meet regularly to get some exercise before most of the city even wakes up.
Darrell and Natalie Hopkinson started this group on January 1, 2002 to improve fitness for the neighborhood. Since then, we meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:05ish and Sunday at 7:05ish at the northeast corner of Rhode Island Ave and 2nd St NW and take off from there. 
Whether you want to walk, run or jog, or some combination, there`s probably somebody else there who shares your workout ideal.  Usually we walk together for a block or so, then the walkers take the short loop, joggers the middle loop, and runners the long route. Everybody starts and finishes at the same place at roughly the same time, usually a bit before 7:00 a.m. during the week.  We have a variety of routes for each of the days we run and we have routes geared to each person's pace.  Strollers and dogs on a leash welcome, too!
 We'd love to see you.
Peg Mangan
John Salatti

And a related tweet:

@ScottRobertsDC @JohnSalatti one of my favorite things about living in #bloomingdaledc . I wish this rain would ease up

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