Monday, April 11, 2016

neighbor seeking roofer referrals to work with historic gutters

See this 04-11-2016 request:

We have holes in the front gutter of our row house, which is causing the plaster wall around the upstairs bay window to be very wet. We've had patching done to no avail, and the roofers we've used before (H. T. Harrison) have been totally unresponsive to calls. Does anybody have a roofer who's worked with/replaced these historic gutters that they can recommend?


  1. Corley Roofing and Sheet Metal. They are very good, and very easy to work with.

    1. We just used them as well to patch our roof and they were very good and responsive.

  2. We used Maggio Roofing to replace our built in gutters in the roof above our porch. FYI -The work gets expensive very quickly.