Saturday, April 02, 2016

Showtime Lounge seeks ABRA substantial change -- expansion to occupancy load of 78 with 46 seats

See this tweet:

Helder Gil@hgil         
ABRA substantial change app for The Showtime (113 RI Ave NW; ANC 5E); requests expansion to occupancy load of 78 w/46 seats.
8:57 AM - 2 Apr 2016


  1. As a Bloomingdale resident I am in FAVOR of the substantial change to allow additional seating. Showtime has shown that a small business can survive without pouring 1mil into a space (that inevitably looks like everywhere else). I have never had a problem with their clientele... in the end I would like to keep both our population and entertainment spots diverse.

    1. Yes! Any idea what they will physically need to do to accommodate 78? Remodeling, addition/expansion upstairs, or just fitting more people in? I'm supportive regardless, just curious.

  2. I love Showtime and support their request, however, I do want to know what they are planning. If this is an expansion into the exisiting floor above, I think that would be awesome. Does anyone know what the expansion plans are?