Thursday, April 07, 2016

what retail businesses can fit into 28.000 square feet of a two-story building ?

Regarding the former Exxon gas station lot at 1600 North Capitol Street NW that is yesterday's and today's Bloomingdale news buzz:
The PDF from J Street Companies for the 1600 North Capitol Street NW lot mentions that a single-user tenant could occupy the two-story new construction building -- up to approximately 29,000 sf.

Here is a snip of the One Florida PDF document:

Calling upon people who are reading this who are familiar with commercial real estate -- what businesses typically fit into 28,000 square feet?


  1. See this grocery store map to get a sense of scale:

    The planned lower-level retail (18k square feet), if occupied by a single tenant, would be just a bit bigger than the Trader Joe's at 14th and T (15k sf). It's about 3x as big as the Yes Organic Market at 14th and V (6k sf), or about a third the size of the Noma Harris Teeter (58k sf).

    It doesn't seem like they're looking for a single tenant to occupy the whole building (28k sf), but if they did, it would be a little smaller in square footage than the Foggy Bottom Whole Foods (36k sf).

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Andrew. Just what I was soliciting!