Wednesday, November 30, 2016

groundbreaking event at McMillan -- Wednesday, 12-07-2016

Here is the link to the Eventbrite even announcement below.


  1. They must know the Zoning Appeal decision ahead of time.

  2. Replies
    1. The million sq. ft. of speculative offices for "medical miracles", "that will not just treat diseases like traditional medical research, but cure diseases"(DMPED) are not even visible in the rendering, You can't see this, because a digital artist is hiding the biggest part of "the monstrosity", behind the "McPark".. I"m so thrilled,m yuppie friend, the "vanguard" of medical office researchers is coming to overwhelm Bloomingdale, but not a clinic for helping us, will make the $19 billion we spend at NIH unnecessary. We can close NIH. But Bloomingdale yuppie friend, this hideous development, the pride of the Barrie Danneker clan,is in violation of The Comprehensive plan(our community planning model) which says "build medical services in areas that are underserved, like Anacostia, and not clustered near existing services. But we don't have to care about that, right, we are going to get the "VANGUARD" monstrosity,oh yeah,, gobble it up.

  3. Neighbors to arms!
    The DC Court of Appeals still making their decision-- Don't matter!
    Gridlock from 31,000 auto vehicle trips generated DAILY by VMP, on top of 38,000 existing--Don't matter!
    24,000 mass transit users daily with closest Metro 1 mile away---Don't Matter!
    600 polluting buses per day necessary to haul the 24,000 mass transit users---Don't Matter!
    Lack of Greenspace, one fifth as much as in upper NW-----Don't Matter!
    Virtually no parks----Don't Matter!
    Highest air pollution measured in DC on N.Capitol-----Don't Matter!
    Biggest land theft since The Dutch stole Manhattan-----Don't Matter!
    Violating Federal National Historic Preservation Act---Don't Matter!
    Speculative medical offices (1 million sq. ft.)adjacent to highest concentration of medical facilities, instead of Anacostia and numerous under-served areas of DC--Don't Matter!
    Violating the Comprehensive Plan(our community development law) ---Don't Matter!
    Nothing, but making $billions for EYA, Jair Lynch and Trammel Crow matters, on OUR land!
    If anything matters to you, as how you want your kids and grand kids to have access to open green space, to play, and bike, and meet their friends safely, take classes, fly a kite, picnic, jog, with NO concrete, less urban heat island, and a place for a Glen Echo arts/performance campus and A DC Wolf Trap outdoor concert stage, (, a carousel, skating rink, etc.etc. and 20 acres of urban agriculture to end the Food Deserts of your less fortunate neighbors. If anything matters to to you as a citizen/owner of this site as it is stolen in the biggest corruption ever (over $312million), if you care that YOUR government (a national disgrace), fenced it off for 30 years in blatant racial discrimination. If you care, please, please call or email McMillan Working Group and help us file the lawsuit to stop the "Monstrosity on Michigan Avenue", being rammed down our throats by a Mayor who hasn't missed an opportunity for corruption yet, and the rest of the corrupt City Council They need a black eye so badly! Daniel 202-232-8391 Join your neighbors 25 year struggle for our healthy quality of life.

  4. So glad it's finally gonna get started. Can't wait to have a grocery store up the street and some more dinning choices.

  5. I have yet to meet a neighbor that is in favor of this development. The positive comments, no doubt, are from the developers.

    1. Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm a proud resident of the neighborhood, unaffiliated with the development in any way, and looking forward to having a Harris Teeter a few blocks from home and a park where I can play with my dog!

    2. I'm also in favor of the development. 10 year Bloomingdale resident.

    3. Successive DC administrations have colluded with mega developers to STEAL 25 acre of public land. The enlightened work of master artists (Olmsted) and the military engineers that won the Civil War, brought to DC by Sen. McMillan and his DC Parks Committee in the Cities Beautiful Movement. They had more urban planning wisdom in their pinky finger than the hacks in the DMPED(executives of Trammel Crow) and the Office Of Miserable Planning, that brought you sewage in your basements.
      If your regard for this city is so self centered and arrogant that you can't condemn the DC govt. that fenced it off since 1987, wasted $9.3 million and $250,000 a year to herbicide the place, I pity you, you can gloss over anything too kiss up to power.
      The gross malfeasance in office, and abuse of power, racist discrimination and fiscal irresponsibility is shocking. McMillan isn't a desolate dangerous backfield, "out of bounds for years", a fence that erected itself and kept itself there since 1941!! Duh!, Keeping African American citizens that the govt. never and still cares little for, out of decent recreation space, is why the fence is maintained by Fenty, Gray, Bowser and has been purposely made such by your taxes, and the hacks you elect, in order to deliver our money to the mediocre Vision McMillan TEAM! REWARD corruption, then don't ever complain. But don't expect a city with gracious amenities, when it brings really just more pollution? And it's not a little more traffic, it is double the dangerous level we have now. No street car is coming, so, when an ambulance in traffic congestion, hops the median you won't care, when it kills one of our children in a head on collision, as long as it's not your Child, I know you will say too bad, sacrifice this little girl to progress! The real tragedy here is that every service and much more can happen with this site preserved for it's healthy open space and green sward, in community control WITHOUT VMP(see professor Miriam Gusevich Peoples Plan, but yuppies have the ignorant belief expensive food, which you are not walking to, get real, is all that matters in life, come on. We do not need this mediocre deal, after all the comments of these cynical yuppies, are so smart, figure out how to have it all, like they already do in Bethesda, with Glen Echo. Do better for the kids, oh yes,I know you chauffeur them to Rock Creek,and play dates.

    4. Nice strategy Dan. Residents that live in Bloomingdale and support this, I am one of them, you pity and insult; others claim anyone supporting it must be a developer plant.

      Half the comments in your canned responses don't even make sense. "Food...which you are not walking to, get real...". Um I'll be walking to the grocery store and retail from my home in the northern part of Bloomingdale.

    5. Hello as well. Would be thrilled to be able to walk to a full service grocery, as well as see more badly needed housing in the city. It feels like the twilight zone to see people try to torpedo a viable plan to bring amenities and an actual park to a barbed-wired space. (I guess it's more fun for privileged hipsters to break in for their urban spelunking and instagram pictures than actually meet wider community needs.)

    6. I live on 1st and Adams (3 years), have lived all around Bloomingdale 8 years, and I am very much in favor of this development. Grocery store within walking distance, a park for my growing family, yes. I want it!

  6. 34-year resident of Bloomingdale, in favor of development although not sold on every detail of this plan. Been waiting a long time for something to happen.

  7. Flooding and back flow issues had been a problem in Bloomingdale for years before the floods of 2012. Residents who racked up thousands of dollars in damages were never compensated. Instead, they were offered the Tunnel to alleviate flooding, when in fact, the Tunnel was built so as not to slow the development of McMillan.

    Years ago, we were told that there would be a streetcar coming. It's probably not going to happen. They have talked about improvements for the 80 bus - probably will happen, but when? One resident of Bryant Street said - over my dead body will the 80 bus go down Bryant Street, but he has since moved.

    Did you have any complaints during the Tunnel construction? Did you feel like promises were repeatedly broken? Well, just wait until this project starts. It will last for years, and many will hate it. And then, you will have to deal with the problems the completed site brings. VMP has already backed out of some of the fancy water elements for the park. What will disappear next? Will you notice? Will a grocery store a few blocks closer to you than other new grocery stores make it all worth it? Or a playground- that will probably have broken pieces in a year that you will have to nag to get someone to repair? (See playground next to HTRec.) Will you even know who to call?

    You can walk by that street light that is out, or the missing bricks in the sidewalk, or the pothole in the alley the size of a Mini-Cooper, and think, DC will fix that. Well, they won't, unless a neighbor reports it. And probably not until it is reported a second or third time.

    Perhaps you don't care about the questionable steps the District has taken in approving the McMillan project, but you really should be thankful that some residents care enough to take DC on. Our government does not do much in the way of planning or oversight, and it takes a tragedy or a financial scandal to get an agency to take notice. I am grateful for our neighbors who speak up and stand up. Maybe it is not an issue that concerns you, or one that you even know exists, but I shudder to think where we would be without our community leaders and activists who put themselves out there day after day.

    We may have different opinions, but how about we keep our opinions respectful and our facts accurate, while acknowledging that there are very few of us who know the whole story.

    1. Agree. Dan really needs to keep his facts accurate and be respectful of those that favor this development.

    2. Glad you agree. My comments were addressed to everyone. He hasn't chimed in here yet, but one of the proponents of the project is frequently disrespectful.

    3. very much in favor of development in this area. A Grocery store, a REAL park, local businesses and restaurants and community center. There is a large number of homeowners in the Bloomingdale and surrounding neighborhoods that support this development and we are glad to finally see positive movement.