Monday, November 28, 2016

seeking old, previously loved (or hated) purses to be recrafted as a Mardi Gras throw

See this 11-28-2016 message:

Hello All!

I am part of a New Orleans Mardi Gras Krewe called the Krewe of Nyx and part of the Nyx Krewe schtick is to decorate old purses and hand them out to the crowds as part of our custom "throws." I need to begin this decorating process now so that I am ready to roll in February. Do any of you have old, small, previously loved (or hated) purses that you can give me so that I can give them new life as a Mardi Gras throw? I prefer that they are small handbags or pocketbooks - doesn't matter if they are cloth, leather, or beaded, I will take whatever you have. Email me at if you would like to donate. Thank you SO much in advance. 

Erin Lynn Fairbanks Painter, Illustrator, Activist, Mother

pre-owned purses

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