Monday, December 26, 2016

Bloomingdale resident Tricia McCauley missing since yesterday afternoon - can you help?

See this 12-26-2016 4:57 pm message:

Here is the license plate of her car.

Regarding Tricia McCauley 

Here's what I know:

-It appears no one has spoken with her since yesterday afternoon. All seemed fine then however.

-She missed her flight and is not answering her phone. She was expected at a dinner last night, but did not show.

-She liked a post on Facebook around 3:45pm yesterday, that's the latest known contact from her that I'm aware of.

-Local hospitals have been checked, no sign of her

-Police have been contacted and will go by her place to check on her, but her family have not heard back from them yet.

-Her housemates have been contacted, but are both out of town.

-Her landlord has been contacted & is in contact with the police. 

If anyone has any information or saw Tricia after around 3:00 Christmas Day, please email 


Here is another message:

Our dear Bloomingdale neighbor, Tricia McCauley, a yoga teacher at Yoga District, the herbalist at Common Good City Farm and owner of Leafyhead Lotions and Potions has been missing since Christmas Day. She never arrived at a friend's Christmas dinner in DC yesterday and never boarded a plane to visit her brother today. No one has been able to get in touch with her. The police have been notified. As far as we know, she was last heard from yesterday around 5pm - she commented on a friend's post on Facebook. She lives at N. Capitol and V Streets NW in the big yellow house right in the corner. She drives a small white Smartcar ( Scion IQ. She has a bumper sticker that reads: "plant more plants" If you have seen her or her car, please get in contact with Jennifer Ambrosino Milner via Facebook or at For images of Tricia, please visit her website:

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