Sunday, February 26, 2017

Historic Preservation Vote: BCA February Monthly Meeting 2/27/17, 7pm St. George's Church 160 U St NW

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Subject: Historic Preservation Vote: BCA February Monthly Meeting 2/27/2017, 7pm St. George's Church 160 U St.

Gentle Reminder:  Bloomindale's Historic Character Retention - Time to Vote

As I last reported to you last month in January, the Bloomingdale Historic Preservation Committee (BCAHPC) has concluded its year and one half long study, with its cornerstone firmly rooted in community involvement and feedback, on preserving Bloomingdale's historical character.  As a result of this study, the BCA recommends proposing special zoning for Bloomingdale as a means of retaining its historical character. 

During this February BCA monthly meeting, the vote ballot and next steps will be presented to Bloomingdale residents in attendance.  Additionally, the definitions of the proposed Bloomingdale Special zoning, R-4 zoning (coupled w/current updated zoning) and historic district will accompany the vote ballot.

Attached are the handouts, vote ballot/cover letter/definitions, that will be handed out tomorrow at the Civic Association Meeting and voted upon.

If you have questions or comments you can ask at the meeting tomorrow or send an e-mail to  Thank you for considering taking the time to review this material and attending the upcoming meeting.


Chair, BCA Historic Preservation Committee

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