Friday, February 17, 2017

The Unified Scene Theater presents The First Annual Faux-Cademy Awards -- Sunday, 02-19-2017

The Unified Scene Theater Presents The First Annual Faux-Cademy Awards, Sunday, February 19th, 8:00 p.m

The Academy Awards: an overhyped, overwrought, meaningless opportunity that Hollywood and its army of celebrities take every year to remind you of how telegenically gorgeous they are and how preternaturally beautiful they can look when the world’s foremost designers and makeup artists spend hours making them look good. Everyone gathers in a huge hall in LA to find out which studio’s PR machine won that year as they read stiltedly from teleprompters. And they go to big parties afterward where people ask them what they’re wearing.

Well, this year, The Unified Scene Theater isn’t having any of that crap. That’s why, a week prior to the Academy Awards, we’re hosting our own Faux-Cademy Awards Show. And it’s a show where *you*, the audience, gets to decide who or what gets nominated, who wins, who loses, and who walks away with the lifetime achievement award. We’ll get suggestions from the audience — names of movies, actors and actress -- and then perform "clips” from those movies featuring those suggestions, improvising an entire Academy Awards broadcast right before your very eyes: more fun, more laughter, more snark. It will be intentionally disastrous as the Academy Awards are unintentionally disastrous — though much, much shorter. 

Show starts at 8 p.m. (doors open at 7:15)

Shawn Westfall
Artistic Director
The Unified Scene Theater

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