Thursday, February 23, 2017

some renderings from Miller Development's Beale Square project in the alleys bouned by Adams, Flagler, W and 2nd St NW

It has been a while since we had thought about the new development project in the lot bounded by the alleys of Adams Street NW, Flagler Place NW, W Street NW and 2nd Street NW.

The developer is Miller Development.  The plan is for five new rowhouses. 

See the latest from Miller Development -- looks like the project now has a name: Beale Square.


  1. This project was a 2014 case before the BZA, and the building applications/plans/permits must match the plans in the file and abide by the additional requirements included in the BZA order.

    The case file and order can be found here, for anyone who is interested:

  2. Text can be found on at