Wednesday, March 15, 2017

counsel for the Friends of McMillan Park has filed a motion with the Zoning Commission regarding the Court of Appeals remand

Andrea Ferster's motion is fairly interesting reading...

From: Barnes, Dianne (SMD 5E09) []
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 8:51 PM
To: Barnes, Dianne (SMD 5E09) <5e09"">
Subject: FW: ZC Case 13-14 (Remand from the Court of Appeals) - CORRECTED file Importance: High

Community Awareness:  Please review and share.

 Respectfully Submitted By,
 Dianne Barnes, Commissioner
 Cell: 202-409-7155

From: Andrea Ferster
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 5:11 PM

Subject: ZC Case 13-14 (Remand from the Court of Appeals) - CORRECTED file

The attached motion was filed today with the Zoning Commission.

Andrea Ferster, Counsel for Friends of McMillan Park

Andrea C. Ferster **
Attorney at Law
2121 Ward Court, N.W. 5th Floor
Washington, D.C.  20037
(202) 974-5142 (phone)
(202) 223-9257 (fax)

FOMP Motion to Defer Hearing 2017 03 15 by Scott Roberts on Scribd


  1. Confused by this blog's tone abt McMillan, and same for Me. Roberts. City projects foisted on the neighborhood that threaten an extra 25000+ cars a day, stifles emergency access on roads already stuffed with cars, loads more pollution and noise, and destruction of a public landmark IS INTETESTING??? Grow a spine and stake a position please. Like, how about a design competition as called for by the DC Auditor.

    1. Go start your own blog and append your name to it if you don't like Scott's work. Scott's done a fine job posting information on both sides of the issue. Thanks Scott for everything you do.

  2. I'm joining the Leave Scott Alone pack. We live in a neighborhood with some strong disagreements about the McMillan site. Scott Roberts is doing us all a service, no matter what we think, to keep us updated on developments. Thank you, Scott, for your year's of dedication to our community.