Friday, March 03, 2017

WCP: "Forthcoming Truxton Inn looks part library, part Sultry hotel bar"

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Forthcoming Truxton Inn Looks Part Library, Part Sultry Hotel Bar

But the bar wants you to overlook that it's in Bloomingdale, not Truxton Circle.
Mar 3, 2017 8 AM

When you cross the threshold into Truxton Inn, see if you can picture it as the set for a glamorous, old-timey photo shoot. The Bloomingdale bar—that we learned in December would be coming to the neighborhood—looks part library and part hotel bar from a better decade, with its eye-catching green marble bar top, upholstered bar chairs, cool lights, and antique style couches.

Truxton Inn is from the same team that brought D.C. Barrel in Eastern Market and McClellan's Retreat at the top of Dupont Circle. Bar man Brian Nixon, who's been designing drinks for McClellan's Retreat, will be running the show at what he calls an upscale neighborhood bar. "It’s a cocktail bar in Bloomingdale, which I feel hasn’t been provided at all," he says. "It’s something different. We don’t have a TV. It's a place to come and relax."

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